Laufenn G FIT As-01 (lh42) Tires

All Season Passenger Car Touring Tire.


  • Tie bars that connect the shoulder blocks
  • 4 wide, straight grooves
  • Specially designed tread kerf pattern
  • Trapezoid shaped center block
  • Optimized long mileage carbon compound
  • Advanced computer optimized tire profile
  • Optimized five variable pitch stiffness distribution design, chamfered groove edge and noise reduction rib blocks


  • Reinforce stiffness of the shoulder tread for maximum cornering grip and minimized irregular wear
  • Provide efficient water drainage in wet conditions for improved vehicle stability
  • Ensures improved water drainage on wet roads, enhances driving stability on dry roads, offering excellent handling as well as impressive grip in winter conditions
  • Enhances handling and braking performance by ensuring greater tread block stiffness
  • Provides longer tread life and improved wet grip performance
  • Improves braking performance and wear by evenly distributing weight over the contact patch
  • Ensures minimum vibration and noise as well as improved riding comfort


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