Laufenn S FIT As-01 (lh02) Tires

All-Season Ultra High Performance Passenger Car Tire.


  • Four wide, straight tread grooves and streamlined kerfs and sipes developed with 3D hydroplaning simulation technology
  • Tie bars that connect the shoulder blocks
  • Drainage inducement groove edges
  • Optimized 5 variable pitch stiffness distribution tread block design and noise reduction rib blocks
  • Advanced asymmetric tread pattern design
  • 3R system - Multi-Tread-Radius-Technology
  • SCCT layout with profile designed for minimized tire deformation


  • Enables more efficient water evacuation for improved vehicle stability and grip in wet conditions
  • Reinforce stiffness of the shoulder tread for maximum cornering grip and minimized irregular wear
  • Help to optimize efficient wet braking
  • Ensures minimum vibration and noise as well as improved riding comfort
  • Provides excellent braking performance under wet and dry conditions
  • Optimizes the tires ground contact area ensuring reliability
  • Ensures improved tire durability


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